Holy Cross Church Basement
Church Project Timeline 2004 until Present

All Masses are in the Gymatorium This Weekend Feb 11-12


Join us this weekend for masses in the gymatorium. Nourished and strenghtened by Jesus' presence, indeed His very Body and Blood, we can give thanks to God for having brought our parish family to the threshold of the wonderful expansion and renovation of our beloved and historic church.

A full set of architectural drawings will be available for inspection, as well as an audiovisual presentation of the drawings. Fr. Manning will highilght the summary of the project during the homily, and remain after all the masses for a more complete presentation and to answer everyone's questions. 

A full timeline of the project's history will be available for review and posted online when we've compiled the listing - it's long! Much of the work to nurture the project has been behind the scenes, in committees and by deliberate, careful steps which required prayer, persistence, faith and patience. Now we need everyone's enthusiasm and participation!

Only the dimensions of the renovated church building and the arrangment of the driveways and parking have been decided! Its interior look and spirit are open for research and discussion. Our liturgy and planning committee has been meeting with architects, liturgical designers and holding meetings over the past six or seven years; some members have come and gone as the process took longer than anticipated at some points, but we will now resume the serious work of subcommittees to discuss and help plan the church's interior appointments. Please get involved!

The final phase of our campus construction project has been entitled "A Time To Build." It is inspired by the bible verse from Ecclesiastes 3:3 and refers not so much to a convenient political, economic or even practical time, but to God's time. The bible speaks about the "fullness of time," a ripeness which comes through the grace of God. The time is ripe, it is our "Time to Build."

A new parish history wall is scheduled for completion by the weekend. Located in the entryway of the gymatorium, it will be a permanent and beautiful display of significant moments in the history of Holy Cross Church.

If you can't join us in person this weekend, join us in prayer!