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The Blooms of Summer

This year we are being treated to a bright display of gold and yellow cosmos in our parking islands. It's interesting to see which of the many seed varieties we've sown in the beds takes hold.  Surely, the sandy soil and the increasingly acidic environment created by the juniper evergreens play a role. Marigolds and petunias and red poppies haven't fared too well, an occasional volunteer purple coneflower has made its appearance but the hardy perennial blanketflowers have established themselves at least on the periphery of the beds and the nearly indestructible cosmos self seed and give us two blooms per season.

The blooms in front of the gym are not quite ready, but some of the many marigolds and zinnias we planted there have bloomed and promise a splendid display in a few more days.


IMG_4125Gold and Yellow Cosmos, a variety which does not reach the 6 foot height

of the more well known cosmos.