Busy Week !
Blessed 4th of July 2011

Altar Server Pilgrimage to St. John Neumann Shrine in Philadelphia

Some of our altar servers and several parishioners travelled with us on a trip to the Shrine of St. John Neuman in Philiadelphia. We encountered only a little rain on the way there and back and our bus driver found a parking spot right near the entrance to church and shrine. 

The basement church contains not only the mortal remains of St. John's body encased under the altar, but a museum housing artifacts and documents from St. John's life. As you may know, St. John began his priestly career as a diocesan priest, but later entered the Redemptorists before he was ordained bishop to serve the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. We were welcomed warmly by Redemptorist priest Fr. Harrison, who is a good friend mirabile dictu with Fr. McGowan. Fr. Harrison presented a talk on St. John's life and ministry and also welcomed us to the upper church. I think Fr. Harrison talked almost as much about Fr. McGowan as St. John Neuman! Father's warmth and sense of humor soon won the day over our server's reserve, sitting as they were in view of St. John's body. 

We enjoyed boxed lunches on the return bus trip and arrived home even a little ahead of schedule after a good day of learning more about our Catholic history and spirituality.