Mass Attendance 5/14-5/15
Mass Attendance 5/12 - 5/22

Survey on Homilies and Late Arrivals for Mass

I've been asked to address the problem of late-comers arriving at mass. While it is true that, like the old proverb says, "Better late than never," it continues "But better, never late." At a recent 10:30 AM mass, the majority arrived late. Take the survey to indicate your suggestions.

Preacher_1The survey also deals with homilies, at Holy Cross, specifically my several recent "haiku homilies." There were strong opinions both liking and disliking them.

Just for the record, I didn't have a sore throat, feel ill, angry or have someplace to go. I thought it would be good for a changeup. I remember only three homilies I have heard, all were several sentences long. They made me think, had a dramatic impact on my prayer and helped me to listen to all homilies better. They obviously can't completely replace longer, more catechetical homilies. Check out the survey and let me know.

Click here to take survery:  Late for Mass and Homilies