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Micro Homilies

The results of the other poll topic, a few micro-homilies I've given lately, are interesting as well.

When I took homiletics in seminary, 6-8 minutes was the time suggested for the Sunday homily and it still seems to be a typically recommended time for which to strive. That doesn't exclude longer or shorter homilies on occasion. It also doesn't mean that anyone who says to preach for 6-8 minutes takes their own advice!

One homily I heard 18 years ago stands out in my mind, here it is: 

  "What can one expect from a God who would crucify his own Son?"

That was it...all of it. It is surely a homily more apt for seminary than for the congregation at a typical parish, not because it is too short, but because I think it presupposes more than a little theological sophistication and risks leaving too many people without guidance for more reflection.

So keeping that in mind, here were two of mine:

On Divine Mercy Sunday        For those who seek God's mercy, there's good news: it's infinite.

                                           For those who think they need none, there may be none.


On the Road to Emmaus       Each time we put up the guest room,

                                          Each time we think we’ve got Jesus

                                          All figured out

                                          He disappears again.

                                          Always keep looking.  

Funny thing about these micro homilies: they're quicker to type out, but far more difficult to pray.