Mass Attendance 5/12 - 5/22
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...Get Me to The Church on Time...

Time2As you might have suspected, asking what to do, if anything, about latecomers to mass is a touchy subject. We all know people who are late for everything and it surely can become a habit - "late for your own funeral." When faced with the challenging task of getting an entire family ready to leave the house together for anything on time, clearly things will go wrong. Not infrequently, I thank parents for taking the effort to bring the entire family to mass. My own opinion has been that nothing much needs to be done about lateness and its surely not the top problem facing the Catholic church today. But when the majority of the congregation is late at some Sunday masses, I'm surely not opposed to taking a survey and discussing the issue.

Check out the survey results and the comments as the survey continues. One observation - those who request or demand tolerance of those who are late, should reciprocate and be tolerant of those who feel distracted or irritated by their arrival. Neither is there anything judgmental about asserting that being on time is better than being late.

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