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The Book of Revelation Bible Study - "Faith Seeking Understanding"

OK, are you ready? Let's tackle the Book of Revelation. Often thought of as an extremely difficult and mostly irrelevant book of the bible, a basic understanding of its message and its theology is good for the present age and not too difficult to begin.

The study guide we will use for the sessions will be Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation and Applying Its Lessons Today by Michael Barber, published by Emmaus Road press in 2005. The author uses a more "folksy" tone than some of the other authors we have read, which might help compensate for any difficulties with the Scriptural text itself.

Let's plan to begin on Wednesday, May 11th in the St. Michael's Media Room at 7:30 PM and plan for a session of approx. 4-6 weeks depending on interest and how quickly we cover the material.

Call Eileen to reserve a copy of the book or purchase on Amazon here. If you obtain a copy of the book on your own, call Eileen to let her know you will be attending the sessions.