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Teenage Alcohol Abuse Awareness in Wealthy Families

Teenage Drinking

A study published Monday studied 13 year olds and their drinking behavior. Children in wealthier families tended to abuse alcohol more frequently than less economically advantaged children.

The lead author of the study published in Pediatrics, Roberto Melotti speculates that teenagers from wealthier families may have easier access to alcohol. The research reinforces the fact that all parents should be aware of the problem of early drinking -- but maybe particularly so in higher income families.

"More advantaged families tend to have healthier behavior" in general, lead author Roberto Melotti, of the University of Bristol, said in an e-mail. "Our results indicate an example where this is not the case." At age 13, many kids who drink may get the alcohol from their own house, Melotti noted. So parents may want to make sure any alcohol is locked away, he said.

Did you know that teens who attend church services and pray have lower rates of alcohol and drug abuse?