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November 2010

Sacred Architecture

The latest issue of Sacred Architecture, The Journal of the Institute for Sacred Architecture, Duncan Stroik, editor arrived on my desk today. There are some beautiful photos of newly constructed traditional church architecture and a scathing review of the new shrine church built to contain the remains of St. Padre Pio. An article entitled "Architectural Violence in Umbria" laments the landing of a huge, nearly solid cube of concrete in the beautiful Umbrian countryside.

The webpage ( of the journal is worth a visit.

Padre Pio's Shrine and Cross

San-giovanni-rotondo Crocechiesanuova_piccola_24











Award-Winning Umbrian Church by Fuksas Studios (photos courtesy of Architectural Review)

Fuksas  219_san_paolo_parish02

A Smiling Vianney

From the Sanctuary at Ars in France, the parish where St. John Vianney pastored and is buried, comes this photo of a smiling St. John Vianney statue. They're hard to come by, but worth looking for.

Donations to renovate and maintain the Sanctuary are always welcome and there are some great photos at their website

Vianney 001 


Really Tall Cosmos!


The second crop of cosmos is growing and blooming! These are the seedlings from the self-sown seed scattered by the wind from the early summer bloomers.

Some of the oldest plants are the tallest cosmos I've ever seen. While the traditional white, pink and lavender cosmos tend to get weak and spindly when they get tall, this yellow variety seems really strong.

Here's pictures for scale: the first shows the tallest cosmos behind the standard sized soccer goals, the second with my faithful Vizsla "Hope" alongside.




Vigil for All Nascent Human Life


Pope Benedict has asked that prayer vigils be held at the beginning of Advent to pray for a greater respect for all unborn human life. The time of expectant waiting for Jesus seems a perfect opportunity to be mindful of the vulnerability Jesus took upon himself in the Incarnation, and the vulnerability of all powerless and voiceless human life.

We will pray a Vigil for Human Life on Wednesday, December 1st at 6:30 PM at Holy Cross Church. This will coincide with the beginning of the Advent Family Retreat, but will also include any parishioners who are not taking part in the Family Retreat but wish to join in prayer for life.

It is planned to have prayer, song, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and some time for private reflection and meditation.