Holy Cross School Mass Attendance
We've Needed the Rain...

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi - Blessing of the Animals


Poor St. Francis. Some have tried to tame his radical embrace of poverty and Jesus' gospel to anoint him the contemporary patron of the Department of Environmental Protection.

St. Francis loved God, first and above all, and all creation as God's handiwork. He realized that we arrive in this world with empty hands and leave it the same way - a spiritual insight which promotes proper detachment from earthly possessions. Caring for a pet responsibly helps us understand how we are stewards of God's creation, not owners. Our pet's total reliance on us can teach us loving responsibility. The loss of a beloved family pet is often the child's first experience with the inevitability of death. As we grow older, we can expand our circle of loving concern outside our immediate family to embrace others, taking with us all the compassion our family and our pets have taught us.

 As we gather to ask God's blessings on our pets, let us ask for the wisdom to be good stewards of God's creation.