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Coajudtor Bishop O'Connell Meets with the Priests of Our Deanery

Recently Bishop O'Connell joined our deanery meeting to meet the pastors of this area individually and to articulate some of his early goals which involve the cooperation of priests and laity alike.

The bishop was affable and eager to listen to his pastors and emphasized at least two important themes of his early ministry in our Diocese. One priority will be Catholic education, not only in our schools, but through a renewed emphasis on catechesis of both faithful Catholics and those who have wandered away or left the active practice of the Catholic faith. Again and again we have already heard Bishop O'Connell lament that the young people don't know Jesus Christ. Our baptismal call to discipleship obliges us to change that; we are to make Jesus Christ known to those who come to church and those who don't. This is part of the new evangelization of which Pope Benedict speaks.

Another of the bishop's priorities will be making Jesus known through the weekly celebration of the parish Eucharist. Weekly worship with our fellow Catholics to praise God and be nourished by Jesus' Body and Blood must be seen as crucial for our faith, not an option whenever we're not too busy or our schedules permit.

Preaching, evangelizing and practicing the faith - some of the hallmarks of the church from its very beginning. Welcome to Trenton, Bishop O'Connell.