All Saints Day - November 1st
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Christmas Masses

I'm surely not one to rush Advent, but it's not too early to think about masses on Christmas day. A communication from the US Bishops reminds us of several quirks of the Christmas calendar this year.


Christmas Eve Masses: Friday

This year Christmas falls on a Saturday. The vigil masses for Christmas will be celebrated on Friday evening as usual. We will be experimenting with one additional earlier mass this year in an effort to alleviate the traffic congestion and parking problems. Since our parking has been more limited in recent years, we will not be scheduling masses in the church and the gym at the same time. Please watch for the schedule in the bulletin and in the special Christmas mailing and help us by strategically planning the mass you will attend.

Christmas Day Masses: Saturday

The mass schedule on Saturday is also changed. Christmas masses are added in the morning, but the usual Saturday evening mass at 5 PM is cancelled. The bishops rightly note that attendance at such a mass would likely be light, and it would be difficult to provide liturgical ministers at a Saturday evening mass on Christmas day.

The Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Sunday

Sunday, as usual, remains a holy day of obligation and our Sunday mass schedule is unchanged.