Holy Cross Church Commemorates Memorial Day 2010
Mass Attendance Memorial Day Weekend

Blessing Prayers Memorial Day Sea Bright 2010

I thought some might like to read and pray the blessing prayers we said on Memorial Day at Sea Bright.

Benediction at the Memorial Service

Memorial_day_000005_0001  Loving God,

            We give you thanks

            For those generous and brave

            Men and women

            Who gave their lives

            In the cause of freedom


Inspire us to always revere

            Their sacrifice

            And raise up

            Men and women

            Encouraged by their example.


May their heroism and valor

            Help bring true and lasting peace

            To our troubled world.


Help us preserve our hard-won freedoms

            And ensure we use them to promote

            Respect for individual dignity

            And for our common good.


Protect our shores and our people

            Our hopes and our dreams

    are in you.

Blessing of the New Ladder Truck 

Let us be mindful of those whose sacrifice

has purchased this equipment

those who maintain it.

            Almighty God may you bless their care and concern.

Let us be thankful for those firefighters who will use

            This apparatus in service to others.

            Keep them safe in their coming and going

            And reward their sacrifice

            With peace and prosperity.

Let this vehicle be a sign of hope

            And a witness to the generous lives

Of those who ride it.

Let the sound of its siren bring solace

            To those in distress.

Let this ladder be effective

            In keeping us always in reach of rescue.

May the waters of the earth

            Quench all destructive fires

And may You keep

            Our firefighters and our citizens

            Safely in the palm of your hand.