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Today's Lectionary Readings

Illus-36  Throughout history it's been a challenge to hold a correct view of Jesus Christ, God and man and we don't always get the balance right. Two opposing heresies attract follower down through the ages: on the one hand to believe that Jesus was truly God, but only seemed truly human - a kind of invulnerable super-hero; its opposite, that Jesus was truly human but somehow not equal to God, perhaps a kind of super-saint or human being who got a divine promotion. Jesus was truly God and truly man, not an admixture of the two, not one nature overshadowing the other.

Today's gospel from Mark shows Jesus hungry, apparently annoyed at the fig tree and angry at the money changers in the temple - all very human traits which challenge any view that these human characteristics were alien to Jesus. Of course it can be said that Jesus only seemed to be hungry, etc. and that enables those who cling to this view to dismiss any human portrayal of Jesus in the gospels as stagecraft.

Having just heard the Gospel of John throughout the Pentecost season in which Jesus' divine nature is emphasized, Mark's unabashed insight into Jesus' human nature feels jarring.

Jesus, my brother, Jesus my God.