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Saint Paul: Truth or Tact?

Today's Lectionary Readings

Lie It's impossible not to smile while reading today's Scripture as Paul successfully captilizes on the divided beliefs of his accusers and pits the Pharisees against the Saducees. He professed his belief in the existence of spirits, resurrection of the dead and an afterlife - the precise points on which these two groups disagreed. It caused division allright, an uproar so serious Paul had to be rescued by the military.

His testimony didn't gain Paul his freedom, but it wasn't a bad try. Of course, Paul would preach the truth whatever the consequences and that's one way he differs from many orators, preachers and politicians today. Being tactful doesn't necessarily exclude telling the truth, but today's political correctness and political double-speak seems specifically designed to either prevent the truth from coming to light or causing offense.

Let us pray for the courage to discern the truth and the courage and prudence to act on it. It would be a perfect prayer to offer on Pentecost.