Does it Rain More on Tuesdays?
Not Only is Our Garden Growing, So Are Our Families

Rain and Blooms

Guess you can't have one without the other.

Saint Fiacre is hardly visible with the daylilies growing up around him. That's red Penstemon in front of him and a Foxglove from the Youth Group's plant sale alongside. 

  Saint Fiacre, Patron Saint of Gardeners with daylillies, foxglove and penstemon.

The first of the California poppies returning from last season have started to open. There will be hundreds of these dotting the edges of the parish field and the parking islands. Notice its delicate, lace-like leaves. We've also planted many of the Red poppies and it will interesting to see if they bloom as readily as their yellow California cousins.

California poppies in early bloomthe 


More of the white Rosa rugosa. It's about to bloom in hundreds of flowers and its aroma is wonderful. Be sure to walk over to this bush and enjoy its fragrance. "Rugosa" means wrinkled; the leaves are not smooth like many roses, but have a slightly wrinkled appearance. This group of roses tolerate sea salt spray and sandy soils. 

Rosa rugosa shrub rose

Lupine and Home Run roses. The lupine which have become established are growing larger and larger each year. Newly scattered seed also seems to have a particularly high germination rate here. The fan shaped lupine leaves are easy to identify, even in young seedlings.

Home Run Roses and Lupine

The lavender had a hard winter, I think in the very last frost, but it's beginning to send up new growth. There is quite a bit of it tucked here and there, including some new plants along the western wall of the gymatorium in between the Ink Berry shrubs. A nice stand is growing just in front of the church as well.

Early blooming lavender

Most of the clematis seem to be doing very well. Some of the healthiest are sprawling up the fencing around the air conditioners next to the church and the fence along the tennis club. These are paired with a pale pink rose, which will hopefully bloom along with the clematis. There's a photo from a few years ago when both plants were very young. Some of the plants seem to have their eyes on the new fencing around the dumpster and recycling bin!

Clematis among the rose bush

Clematis and Roses bloom together

One Five Spot

Five Spot plant

OK, I have to look this up. I call it the Satellite Plant and it looks like it's happy so far.


  That's all for now. Susan has sent me many great shots of our many roses, but I can't identify which is which until I match the photos with the plants....on a sunny day.

Moms, don't forget to plant your seeds from Mother's Day and send us a photo of what grows!