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Jesus of Nazareth Study Group

Pope Benedict and the Shroud of Turin

Shroud-of-turin Pope Benedict is one of those rare individuals who although steeped in philosophy and theology can express these complex and profound truths in a spiritual and pastoral way.

His Holiness made a pilgrimage to see the Shroud of Turin and his words not only about the Shroud, but about the importance of Holy Saturday make for very prayerful reading. At Holy Cross, we have tried to give Holy Saturday its due importance in the Triduum - the time of soul searching and questioning the meaning of Jesus' life by disciples who hadn't understood anything about the resurrection. Even though we pray morning prayer on Saturday, the church is soon alive with the preparations for the Easter Vigil.

The pope begins his meditation by exclaiming that as he makes this pilgrimage, he carries the whole Church, indeed all of humanity in his heart.  Read his thoughts and save them for Holy Saturday, or any day that seems too dark.

Pope Benedict XVI's remarks after viewing the Shroud of Turin