Mass Attendance May 15 - 16
Rain and Blooms

Does it Rain More on Tuesdays?

Maybe it just seems like it because there's no gardening today, that's for sure. In the meantime, here is some of what's blooming:

The bearded iris which have enough sun are doing well, but there are some which are in too much shade. They'll have to be moved. As the evergreen trees grow taller and fuller, some areas which used to enjoy sun get little of it now. In fact, the sprinkler system on the parish field is now directly under some of the branches of trees which have increased in girth.

Blue bearded iris

Climbing red roses and Nepeta are doing well. Does someone plan this stuff? This rose bush had suffered black spot badly, and had reached gangly proportions, so we treated it and cut it back severely. That may be Obedience plant to the left (or weeds!).

Red roses and Nepeta Complementary colors