2010 Diocesan Increased Offertory Program
St. Philip Neri, Apostle of Rome

A Simple Phone Call Can Mean So Much

6a0120a4f88a1c970b0133ee26eeb9970b-800wi   Our seventh graders were asked to reflect on their phone call to the missioners in Kenya; some of their answers were amazing:

“From the conference call, I learned that it should be a global effort to stop the spread of HIV/Aids.  The volunteer nurses inspired me to do my part in learning about the avenues to prevent and treat the disease. C.L. 

 “The conference call had an imprint on my life.”  The two nurses engaged in the CMMB program explained how many people are effected with HIV/Aids.  In addition, they spoke of the Mother to Mother program which is an educational program of infected mothers helping and instructing  incoming infected mothers on preventing transmission to their child.” K.L.

 “The phone call touched me.  The nurses explained the medical conditions of the poor and their lifestyle.”  J.L.

 “The phone call made me so proud that I am in a country that is very privileged, and that we have American volunteers in the CMMB program that are willing to care for people in Kenya.  I was amazed how productive the CMMB program…” M.G.

 “The phone conference inspired us to help Kenya and other good deeds…but all would never forget this special phone call to Kenya.” D.W.

 “While I was listening to them talk,  I realize that CMMB was bringing hope to Kenya by showing them that they are not only going to help them, but they can help each other.“  A.D.

“Speaking to the nurses, Irene and Amanda, opened my eyes to the vast world around me.  As Amanda and Irene responded to our questions, I realized that I could make a positive difference in the world too!   I hope to follow in their footsteps and live out Jesus’ message.”  J.O.