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2010 Diocesan Increased Offertory Program


Untitled Holy Cross along with all  parishes across the diocese is preparing to conduct an increased offertory program this coming Fall. Many parishes are struggling to maintain fiscal health in these trying economic times, and rather than emphasizing giving once to a specific fund, this program will emphasize the importance of weekly generosity to the parish church -more emphasis on stewardship and less on fund drives.

Sensitive to the criticism that the church is "always asking for money," we have seriously tried to limit the number of times we ask at church, directly or indirectly, inside the church and outside. Several of the requests come from outside the parish: the Bishop's Annual Appeal, the annual appeal from a visiting missionary and many of the routine non-diocesan collection envelopes and appeals included in the parish mailings. In past years, I have made an appeal for generosity at Christmas at some or all of the masses and with a special mailing and we try to provide the right amount of financial information in the bulletin on a weekly basis. I think that the number of fund raising requests from our school need study, from the big ones by the parish to many smaller ones by classes and drives for various causes.

The cost of the increased offertory campaign is being paid by the diocese and will be conducted by a firm called "Letter Concepts" with main office in Berlin, CT.