New Roman Missal's English Gains Approval After 10 Years of Work!
Sacrament of Confirmation to be celebrated Friday, April 30th

Each Has A Journey But We Are All On A Mission

Today's Lectionary Readings

Oval_globe Today's readings continue the heroic efforts of the early disciples to spread the good news. While it is not a good idea to make too much of disagreements in the early church, it's no better to gloss them over, so let's look at the simple verse, "But John left them and returned to Jerusalem." Seems like a simple matter, but when he decides to rejoin Paul some time later, Paul is not pleased.  Paul took John's departure as AWOL and won't take him back, leading to a disagreement with Barnabas, who does take John Mark and leaves Paul.
Controversy swirled around them, but did not keep them from their mission. Personality differences became secondary to spreading the good news and establishing the early church.
Stop, sit, eat My Body, drink My Blood. Be at peace, at least for a moment.