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New Roman Missal's English Gains Approval After 10 Years of Work!

Bible  Well, finally after many years of difficult work, sincere theological and Scriptural disagreements and no small amount of political posturing, the official English translation of the official Latin Roman Missal (editio typica) gained approval today.

I suppose those too young to remember Vatican II might experience a sea-change with the new English translations of the mass parts, but those of us who lived through first Latin, then English/Latin dialogue masses, then successive re-translations of the Psalms, Hebrew Scriptures and the Gospels, all in succession, might be forgiven for thinking that the huge deal that will be made to "get people ready" for the new translations is already a bit overblown. I figure if the average Catholic used to be able to define "transubstantiation" even if no one can truly comprehend its full meaning, we ought to be able to handle an occasional "ineffable" and "consubstantial" without going off the deep end.

So, once again, get ready for the new translations, any year now, possibly Advent 2011. Check the USCCB's information page for the new translations: Third Edition of the Roman Missal.

The Lord be With You...And With Your Spirit.  (Sound familiar?)