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Celebrate the Eucharist and Live

Today's Lectionary Readings

Saul, blindness, conversion, scales, eyes, St. Paul  Unless you eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood, you have no life within you, says Jesus. We have been hearing about Saul's persecution of the early Christian community in Acts of the Apostles and this morning's reading recounts his conversion experience from persecutor to proselytizer. The early Christians were being hunted down precisely because they recognized the importance of Jesus' life-giving invitation to gather and be nourished by his body and blood.  

Unless we gather to be nourished by His Body and Blood, we have no life, no real life, regardless of how accomplished or successful we are by the world's standards. Many of our young people are excited to be receiving their First Eucharist in several weeks. Wouldn't it be great if we never lost the excitement and enthusiasm we felt when we first responded to Jesus' invitation? We can pray for such a spiritual renewal as we experience the sacrament through a first communicant's eyes.

May the scales on our eyes that blind us from seeing our need and obligation for weekly worship fall away!