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Mass Attendance March 20-21

These Works That I Perform Testify On My Behalf

Today's Lectionary Readings

Jesus' words in John's gospel in this morning's reading, highlight the importance of the seven miracles or "signs" that Jesus worked to authenticate his ministry and divine origins. 

In no other gospel does Jesus speak so openly and directly about his relationship with the Father as he does in John. Most scholars agree that John's gospel was written decades later than the earliest gospels and for that reason is the fruit of seasoned theological reflection about Jesus' identity and the beginning of a theology of the Trinity. It is for this reason, perhaps, that the Church selects readings from John's gospel during special times of the year, especially Holy Week and Lent. 

Imagemax20kb,120888,en  One of the oldest fragments of John's gospel dates from c. 125 AD and contains verses from Chapter 18 vv. 31 - 38, the Passion narrative. In these few verses, Jesus appears before Pilate and thought fragments are missing,  Jesus' words "I have come into the world testify to the truth" are met with Pilate's rejoinder, "What is truth?"

All things considered, an amazing fragment to survive all these years. Pilate's cynical question is still asked today, and for believers, Jesus' reply is the only true answer.