Mass Attendance March 20-21
Our Help In Time of Trouble Now - Our Eternal Salvation in Times To Come

Testimony Then and Testimony Now

Today's Lectionary Readings

Swear_Bible_120360 Today's readings highlight the importance of testimony in ancient societies. Two adult male witnesses (females were thought to be unreliable witnesses) spoke truth. The letcherous elders trying to convict Susanna by their false testimony were discovered by Daniel with clever cross-examination one-on-one. The Jews in John's gospel demand to verify Jesus' testimony, but Jesus proclaims himself as the only witness to his Word and their truth by the Signs (miracles) he works.

The veracity of the Scriptures themselves rests on testimony, of eyewitnesses, not to the resurrection, but to its sequellae. It is no coincidence that the empty tomb is discovered by women and it is two women who testify about it to the apostles - Jesus has turned testimony on its head.

Just as the early church grew by testimony, so must the modern church - our testimony. We attend mass, fast, pray and perform acts of charity to give testimony to our faith in Jesus Christ.