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Lenten Reading for Sport

A new edition of D. Stanley Eitzen's  Fair and Foul:Beyond the Myths and Paradoxes of Sport has been recently published. In this controversial book, Eitzen examines the good and bad of America's seeming obsession with sports and the its effects on student and professional athletes, our colleges and our professional teams. He asks some sobering questions about America's sacrosanct treatment of sports and using sociological data attempts to find answers. The book contains not only many anecdotes of well-known coaches and players, but also lesser known college and student athletes.

This book may help us to find spiritual balance in our lives, and honestly re-assess some of our priorities. At least it illuminates the good and the bad of sport, so that we can minimize the bad, especially as a parish and a school.

 Watch for a series of posts featuring excerpts from this book and others on this important issue during Lent. 

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Fair and Foul: Beyond the Myths and Paradoxes of Sport