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School Mass Attendance 3rd Sunday Ordinary Time

Conversion of St. Paul, Apostle

Today's Lectionary Readings

The phrase "blinding insight" coveys something of what happened to Paul in his conversion experience. Paul was privileged in the degree of his theophany or perhaps even the kind, but if we're receptive to divine insight, we experience them as well.

An "oh no" accompanied with an "ah ha" experience: Oh no, I've been persecuting Christians, Ah ha, Christ is the Light of the World. Such a revelation is disorienting - it takes a while to discern and regroup. This experience, not personal acquaintance with Jesus, changed the entire direction of Paul's life.

Unless we carefully protect ourselves with spiritual RayBans, we too will be gifted with Divine insight from time to time, perhaps like Paul, even at a moment when we least expect it.

Let us pray this day for the humility and courage to change directions in our lives, anything to follow the Light of the World more closely.

300px-CaravaggioConversionPaul01 The-Conversion-of-St-Paul-large

Caravaggio, an artist who explored the contrast between darkness and light in almost all his works,  painted two version of St. Paul's conversion, the painting on the left emphasizes the blinding, pehaps even painful nature of Divine insight, while the painting on the right depicts Paul's ultimately receptive posture to God's revelation.