Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
Saint Juan Diego

The 13th Day - New DVD on the Marian Apparitions at Fatima

13thday5-1280-960 This just released DVD is a docudrama about the Marian apparitions at Fatima. It will surely stimulate you to read more about Fatima and confront the nature of the Three Secrets of Fatima. Many thought they were left behind after Vatican II, a pre-conciliar, supersitious embarassment. But John Paul II's visit to Fatima and his assertion that it was Mary who saved him from death after his attempted assasination forces us to rethink our opinions on Marian apparitions.

The film depicts the childrens' courage in the face of skepticism from their mother and outright hostility by the local government. The film is mostly black and white, with fleeting glimpses of color during the apparitions. The DVD is published by Ignatius Press and comes with a booklet describing the film, a brochure on how to pray the rosary and even a pair of rosary beads.

Interesting family viewing, though parents should be warned the visions depict (vaguely) hell fire and the assasination attempt on the pope. The films draws its title from the fact that the six apparitions occured on the 13th day of consecutive months.