O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Adonai

O Wisdom

Today begins the seven days of "O Antiphons" - seven titles of the Messiah from the book of the prophet Isaiah. Wisdom  
Today the first of the antiphons, is the Messiah's title as "O Wisdom."

O Wisdom, Who didst come out of the mouth of the Most High, reaching from end to end and ordering all things mightily and sweetly: come and teach us the way of prudence.

Wisdom and prudence are often contrasted with knowledge or technical expertise. A prudent person knows when and how to apply all the other virtues. How does one temper justice with mercy? Courage and patience? When to speak up and when to keep silent? One of the most difficult tasks of the spiritual life is to find balance - O Wisdom. Jesus is the wisdom and the prudence.