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St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Born to a French arisotocratic family from which she departed for the convent, St. Rose eventually left her native country to become a missionary to Missouri during the early 1800's. Mother Duschesne lived an austere spiritual life of service to God and to others and retired in ill health to a convent in which her quarters were no larger than a broom closet.

Nicknamed by Native Americans  "The Woman Who Prays Always," her enigmatic life is well worth reading.

Biography and  photos of her shrine

Two images may strike you as much as they did me: the first is a photo of her family's "summer home" and the second is the picture of her last bedroom under the stairwell.

The photograph of St. Rose's last bedroom is also from the interesting and visually rich photo blog, Rome of the West - which features beautiful photography in and around Catholic St. Louis, MO.

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