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St. Gertrude the Great


St. Gertrude the Great

Dressed in her Benedictine habit and holding the symbol of her authority as abbess of her 13th century monastic community, St. Gertrude is shown in a mystical prayer with the infant Jesus promoting devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His words are written in a Latin inscription, "In corde Gertrudis invenietis me," "in Gertrude's heart you will find me."

St. Gertrude enjoyed many visions of Jesus and the rings on her fingers symbolize not only her virginal espousal as the bride of Christ, but specific private revelations given to her by Jesus.

St. Gertrude's widespread influence despite never leaving her monastic community is yet another amazing testimony to the power of holy Benedictine men and women and the power of prayer in general. Gertrude's prayers and meditations came from everyday events - the words of the Gospel at daily mass, the sounds of the fountain in the convent courtyard, a sunrise, a flower, the words of a sister. May we too be open to the graces surrounding us.