Christ the King
Representative Kennedy and Bishop Tobin (continued)

Christ the King - Blessed Miguel Pro


While yesterday's solemnity of Christ the King still stirs in our hearts, we celebrate today the feast of Blessed Miguel Pro, Jesuit martyr during the Mexican government's persecution of the Catholic Church at the turn of the last century. His last words before the firing squad which executed him were, "Long live Christ the King!" as he spread his arms open in the sign of the cross.

Blessed Miguel's execution in 1917 is recent enough, and the President of Mexico was proud enough of it, to allow the press to photograph his shooting. Miguel's courage and his eventual exoneration backfired however, and the photographs helped galvanize public support for the Church.

John Paul II beatified Miguel as a martyr in 1988.

Miguel's cry of "Long Live Christ the King" affirmed his faith that though the government seized the power to execute him, Jesus reigns over all.