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Blessed Thanksgiving

00100001035 Our Thanksgiving holiday gives us pause to reflect and give prayerful thanks for the blessings we have received from God and for our families, friends and food.

Thanks to so many who donated food items for our Thanksgiving Food Drive. Our trailer was filled with food and Janet Wood and her dedicated volunteers kept the flow of donations to their recipients going smoothly. Temporarily storing and arranging for the delivery of so many turkeys is no easy task. We'll have a tally on how many families were served after the holiday, but I know it was many.

A prayerful mindset is a good preparation for the Season of Advent which begins this weekend. The USCCB has interesting and helpful resources online to help families observe Advent. Many of our families have already made an Advent wreath after last Sunday's mass, but it's surely not too late to fix up an Advent wreath in time for the beginning of Advent on this Sunday.

There's been some talk in the Parish Center about some sheep visiting this year during our Advent Stations, but I can't promise yet.