First Sunday in Advent
St. Andrew, Apostle and Martyr

Advent Introits

Music-ring The congregation at the 12 noon mass did a great job chanting the first ever Advent Introits!  We've been chanting Wednesday morning prayer, so a number of people have gotten experience reading psalm tones and the Gregorian-based tones are easy to sing and within everyone's range.

Many church musicians are urging a return to the sung Introit instead of a thematically chosen "gathering" or "entrance hymn" because the Introits change each week and are related to the Scripture readings of the liturgy, whereas the hymnody is tangentially related. This can be attempted now that English Introits are being written and becoming available for the congregation.

The words are in the missalettes, but neither the pointing of the text which indicates when to change notes, nor the notes themselves are, so additional sheets need to be handed out. If the experiment goes well, perhaps we can continue the chanted Introits into the year and introduce them at other masses.