Did You Know - Traditional Latin Mass
Mass Attendance - Oct 11th

St. Teresa of Avila

Today's Lectionary Readings

A giant of the Church, there are too many aspects to her vigorous and holy life to appreciate all at once. Every year, revisit her biography, prayers and spiritual writings to be nourished by something familiar, or discover something new. A tough reformer and traveler despite illness, soul mate of St. John of the Cross, mystic, doctor of the Church and in death, one of the incorruptibles.

Bernini's masterpiece of St. Teresa in Ecstasy gives us some idea of the love and passion for Christ the mystics experience. Simon Schama's discussion of Bernini's St. Teresa is both remarkable and thought provoking. You may still be able to find it on the PBS Series, "The Power of Art" or read it in Schama's companion book, which is a wonderful book worth owning for its art and its prose.


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