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Get Much, Do Much

Today's Lectionary Readings

Card_cornucopia_187794 Jesus warns us today that to whom much is given, much is expected. Of course our most precious gift is the gift of faith, the reason we turn outward to the world to help spread the good news and bring this gift to others.

But we are also gifted in so many other ways. Think for a moment about the information at our fingertips. We discover good and bad news from around the world and our neighborhoods in seconds. What do we do with it? Do we congratulate, do we reach out to help?

All of us can travel so easily, from planes and cars to even bicycles. Do we only go shopping or to recreation, or do we visit the sick and lonely, or volunteer time, or worship God?

Let us all think of ways we can enjoy some of our many blessings this day and use them for the good of someone else.