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Did You Know - Traditional Latin Mass

Mint and Rue


Today's Lectionary Readings

Congratulations to one of our 4th graders for knowing that "rue" means regret or sorrow. It is also a garden herb, popular for cooking in some countries, but not often used in the United States because it is quite bitter. It is also called the "herb of grace," perhaps because of an old custom of its use by the priest in the sprinkling rite on certain Sunday masses. It was cited by Shakespeare in at least two plays; do you know which ones?

Tithes were not required to be paid on herbs, but with great fanfare and scrupulosity, the Pharisees did. Sadly, they neglected the main part of faithfulness, completely missing out on Jesus as Messiah. Jesus never condemned piety, per se, but misplaced or hypocritcal piety.

Imagine sending hundreds of Christmas cards, but keeping a Scrooge-like heart, or failing to express gratitude and worship of Christ at Christmas.

Let us attend to details, but never lose sight of the big picture. We should never omit acts of worship or piety, but they should express a loving heart, open to loving God and neighbor - the two big commandments Jesus gave us.