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Evildoers Prosper and Even Tempt God with Impunity

Today's Lectionary Readings

Spc010719clh Have we outgrown the idea of heaven? It's good if we've outgrown the idea that there's an eternity in a city paved with gold, or a place filled with whatever will make us happy. Aquinas vision of heaven the Beatific Vision, we see God. Heaven isn't a place which serves our needs, it's a place where we praise God in joy and happiness. 

As anemic as some of our visions of heaven have become, we are loathe to think of the Last Judgement at all. Everyone is saved, aren't they?

The Israelites had begun to grumble over this very issue. The evil were seen to prosper; there seemed to no profit in keeping God's commandments. The prophet reminds them there will be a reckoning. 

Couldn't Malachi 3:15 be a headline from today's news?: "Evildoers Prosper and Even Tempt God with Impunity." Not for us to figure out, simply to be faithful. We have to keep reading, vv. 20-21: "You will see the distinction between the just and the wicked...for you who fear my ways, there will arise the sun of justice with its healing rays."

Arise, Oh Son of Justice!