The Prophet Joel
Remember to Pray for the Dead

Camels and Needles


Twenty Eight Sunday in Ordinary Time

The scripture scholars are all over the lot on this gospel! That's probably not a surprise since it appears to deal with our possessions and our money. One says, no not money, our relationships. Another says, no not our money, our spiritual attitudes. A third, not about having possessions, but being greedy about them.Frankly, it seems one can have virtually any amount of money and possessions and find a scriptural interpretation which doesn't require parting with any of it.

Except, we know that in the end, we part with ALL of it. And that's surely beyond argument or scriptural nuance. So how do we live in the meantime?

At least with that in mind. Surely generously, holding onto our possessions lightly. Deliberately practicing for parting with all of them, by occasionally parting with some of them. 

And the whole point, not about the possessions or lack of them at all, but following Jesus from the here and now to the eternal hereafter.