Let Us Offer Each Other A Sign of Peace
Catholic Bishops in the Public Square

An Amazing View!

What a treat it was to be invited by Mayor Maria Fernandes of Sea Bright to participate in a blessing of the new Highlands Bridge this afternoon!

Believe it or not, there is a "bridge blessing" in the Catholic Book of Blessings which I consulted for the occasion and modified slightly. We fashioned sprigs of rosemary and lavender grown in our gardens as an aspergillum and brought holy water blessed from the Shrewsbury River and Atlantic Ocean. Lori LaPlante and Susan Symington and I arrived at the foot of the bridge in Sea Bright where we joined Mayor Maria Fernandes of Sea Bright, President of the Sea Bright Council Jack Keeler, Rev. McGrail of Highlands and others and were then whisked to the foot of the Highlands' side of the new span by the Police Chief. Our small group then walked the remaining distance to mid span for a a brief ceremony and blessing.

If the bridge looks high from the roadway below, it is really high from above. There are beautiful views in every direction, including our noble and simple church steeple which could be seen readily from the bridge, even though the sun wasn't shining.


Walking from Highlands to Mid-Span of Bridge


A Group Photo: Twin Lights are seen in the Background



 Water from the Shrewsbury River and Atlantic Ocean

was used to bless the bridge and the people.



The bridge roadway from Highlands to Sea Bright

seems to lead right into the ocean!


Holy Cross' steeple peeks up from the trees.


Northbound view to Sandy Hook in foreground

Brooklyn and Staten Island in background.