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Baptism, not Property or Pedigree

Today's Lectionary Readings


Today's reading from Haggai chastises those who are pre-occupied with their own business and forget proper worship and praise of God. The prophet compares the lavish expenditures of the Israelites on their own homes with their neglect of a suitable place to worship God. This reading probably wouldn't generate a lot of good will at the start of a capital building campaign! How graphic a reminder though for those who work for a "bag with holes," and condemnation of consumerism as relevant today as it was centuries ago.

Jesus reminds us in the gospel that our relationship with him, our membership in his family comes not through privileged pedigree, or property, but by hearing the Word of God and acting on it. Our privilege is the treasure of our baptism, not in a trust fund.

Let us resolve to work for spiritual treasures and help build God's kingdom on earth, even while we wait for Jesus to bring it to fulfillment.