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School's Opening Year Liturgy on Feast of the Holy Cross

Gospel_church_144155 We celebrated a joy-filled mass in the gymatorium with our faculty, students 1st through 8th grades and many school parents this morning to praise God and ask for God's blessing on us during the 2009-2010 School year.

This year, we hope the three small signs of the cross we mark on our foreheads, lips and hearts each time before we hear the proclamation of the gospel at mass, signify the kinds of students and disciples of Christ we are at Holy Cross.

The gospel must live in our minds, whatever our age and whether or not we are in school. Luckly in Catholic school, you will learn about your faith in Religion Class. Other children learn about our faith in Religious Education classes. But our learning shouldn't stop when we graduate from school, it must be life long. Our curiosity about our faith should inspire us to keep reading and learning about the church, the Gospel and the life of Jesus and his teachings no matter what age we are.

But it's not just book knowledge of God we need, the gospel must live in our hearts. Our love for the Word of God should inspire us not only to love God and neighbor, but to express our love in the most specifically holy act we can do for God, attending the Holy Mass on Sundays. As part of God's worshipping family, we at Holy Cross, attend weekly mass, rain or shine, winter or summer.

The gospel and God's name must live with love on our lips and in our speech. This is a challenge for us since so many people around us, on the radio and TV, in internet email and chats use God's name in vain. "Oh, my God," should only be said with love and as a prayer. Let's really work on making sure that on our playground, during our soccer and basketball games and practices, we refrain from saying God's name in disaapointment, surprise or anger.

Three ways to live the gospel, three ways we can remember every time we sign ourselves at the gospel at mass: the gospel alive in our minds, on our lips, in our hearts.