WoW...I mean Deo Gratias
God the Rock of My Life

Receive the Light of Christ

Readings for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


I love celebrating infant Baptism: it is such an occasion of joy and happiness not only for the families involved, but the parish family as well. One of the sacramental signs given by the priest or deacon to the parents and godparents is a candle lighted from the Easter or Paschal Candle. "Receive the Light of Christ," the parents are told, and as the candle is lit and then handed to the family by the priest, the child often stares intently at the candle with the wide open, innocent eyes as they take in the light. Sometimes you can even see the reflection of the flame in their eyes.

At that moment, I imagine the "Light of Christ" flooding their souls with love and illuminating their minds. How I wish we could keep that fascination with the Light of Christ our whole lifelong. Trouble is we often become preoccupied with other things; our attention is diverted so easily by too much television, too many video games. Seeking Christ, not only in the Eucharist and at Eucharistic adoration, but also in each other is more and more difficult if our Christ-vision becomes cloudy. 

Let us pray to seek the Light of Christ as a child, as Jesus reminds us: less skeptical, more open-eyed.