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St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

Plower's Remorse


Today's Lectionary Readings

Buyer's remorse is the regret we often feel immediately after a purchase, especially a big ticket item. Before a decision we may enjoy the feeling of power our many options give us. After a choice is made, we may experience the negative aspects of our choice. We may fear we have missed out on other opportunities, or that others may criticize our decision. The decision may have been taken without adequate deliberation or with inadequate or faulty information.

How about plower's remorse? Having taken up the plow and set out on our journey with Christ in Baptism, how many times do we look back over our shoulder or slacken our pace, change our direction or wander off inattentively daydreaming about possibilities we're missing out on? What happens when we hit rocky ground?

Jesus encourages us to keep going. It's been said that to plow a straight line, you've got to look ahead. Even the best excuses we can offer for becoming distracted don't merit consideration. Prayer and frequent reception of the Eucharist offer some of the best course corrections we can take.