Bare Ruined Choirs Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Mass Attendance at Holy Cross School

Litter Patrol on The Job


The completion of Phase I of our construction project, the summer rains, and our groundskeeper's hard work have given us a beautiful campus. It a challenge to keep it that way. Grubs have been trouble lately,  but litter is always a problem.

It helps if everyone cleans up after themselves, especially candy papers and the plastic water bottles which seem to turn up everywhere. 

We have a secret weapon against the residual trash though...our Canine Trash Patrol: MAX / HOPE. Along with Fr. Manning and Sue Symington, they patrol the grounds regularly and pick up plenty of stray papers, wrappers and bottles. The dogs are a little slow on the paper wrappers, but if there is an uneaten lunch snack or piece of candy anywhere, they will find it! Hope (on the left) particularly likes retreiving the plastic bottles.

Thanks to everyone for keeping our parish grounds clean!