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God's Overwhelming Generosity Calls for Our Generous Response

Today's Lectionary Readings

Tiepolo Stingy, stingy, stingy...so many times we ration our praise and worship of God in a meager fashion, treating it like our prayer and worship of God is like everything else in our busy schedules.

The first reading reminds us our salvation depends on our response to God's love and grace in our lives. 

Many priests at the Diocesan Convocation this week were discussing the inordinately large number of funerals they have had so far this year:that is certainly our experience here at Holy Cross.

Priests are lucky, in the sense that having constant contact with the sick and dying and praying at so many funerals helps keep the focus on the ultimate nature of things. This isn't to say that I don't get wrapped up in petty concerns all too often, but a trip to the hospital or the cemetery has a way of putting things in perspective.

How many times do we hear that someone "wasn't a church go-er" or that we like the quickest masses, or the masses where there is no preaching? Everyone is busy, even for our 9/11 evening prayer service?

God's generosity is extravagant, and he calls on us for the same response. Not tears and ointment, but generous praise and worship.

Painting is The Meal at the House of Simon The Pharisee, Paolo Veronese