Say to Those Whose Hearts Are Frightened, Be Strong, Fear Not!
You Know More Latin Than You Think

Enthusiasm and Commitment are Contagious

Dough I celebrated the 9:00 AM mass this Sunday and though the church had been full the last two weekends, the singing seemed more spirited and there was an unmistakably resounding "And Also with You" at the opening greeting. The uplifting responses continued throughout the mass. I was happy to note the difference and wondered if it was because of the envigorating weather.

I learned later that there were nearly a dozen newly-vowed Jesuits in training at our parish mass while they stay at their community's beach house in Sea Bright / Monmouth Beach. They are or will be studying at Fordham. I greeted them after mass and we will surely be mindful of them during our prayers for vocations and for priests. 

What a difference the enthusiasm and commitment of even a few can make to a community's prayer and worship of God.