Baptism, not Property or Pedigree
Faith Seeking Understanding - October 7th

Do You Know Who Jesus Is?

Today's Lectionary Readings


Jesus has higher expectations of his followers than he does of "the crowd." The question he asks Peter in this morning's gospel is not "Do you love me?," which he asks in John's gospel. Love, to be sure, is important. He asks, instead, a question about his identity and Peter answers not with an avowal of love, but with "the Christ of God." Christ, the anointed one, the messiah, sent by God is the correct answer, but Peter and all the disciples have yet to learn that this messiah must suffer, die and rise again. He will not ride triumphantly into Jerusalem and expel the Romans. 

Who is Christ? Jesus expects an answer from us, just as he did from Peter and our answer should be formed by reading, thinking and prayer from the time we're in school to the time we leave this world.

What can I do today to learn something I didn't know about Jesus?





The Flagellation  by Georges Rouault. Stained glass at Notre Dame de toute Grace.