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Diocesan Accountant Concludes Audit At Holy Cross


Father Manning and Roger Trendowski, our Parish Business Manager, met with the Diocesan Financial Auditor who completed his audit of our parish today. 

Roger, in conjunction with our own accountant and under the supervision of both Parish and School Finance Committees, manages the deposits and disbursements from parish accounts including payroll for parish and school employees. 

The diocesan auditor suggested some relatively minor adjustments in the way transfers are made between parish accounts, and prior approval for major payments by chairpersons and parish staff to outside vendors. He familiarized us with several new procedures for tracking the pension plan and benefits of parish employees. 

He was favorably impressed with our internal control procedures and handling of all deposits. He provided us with a written report of his findings and recommendations, which we will provide for our Finance Committees. We thank him for his courteous and professional demeanor during his stay in our parish.

Congratulations and thank you to Roger Trendowski for expediting the audit and for his diligent stewardship of parish resources.