Great Seeing Everyone Again!

I was so good seeing people again! I hope you could tell I was smiling broadly even through my mask as I distributed Holy Communion.  Everything seemed to go smoothly. There was a momentary disconnect of the live streaming broadcast at around 10:40 AM which I don't understand. The reconnect seemed to be almost immediate. I'll have to wait for the final telemetry reports.

How wonderful it was to celebrate Eucharist with a congregation! How wonderful it feels to get the lifeblood of the church flowing again!

Sunday Mass 5/24

Guidelines for tomorrow's Outdoor Mass at 10:30 AM

Please park using every other space; windows must be rolled down to hear the sound system.

Communion will be distributed after mass in front of the altar in the parking lane closest to the church. 

Drive up to the communion station heading toward the tennis court and exit on Rumson Road by the gymnasium/tennis courts.

Fr. Manning will be on the driver's side of the vehicle to distribute Eucharist.

An usher will be taking up a collection in the exit lane. Please be generous. 

The mass will also be livestreamed on the internet. 


So What's the Mass Schedule Now?

Well, this has been an eventful Friday for churches trying to make plans for worship services. The President's comments seem to have gotten church-goers excited and the ball rolling for limited church masses, sooner rather than later or at an unspecified time.

Bishop O'Connell has asked us not to do anything drastic like scheduling indoor masses this weekend until a careful plan can be drawn up, which he anticipates  will be "very soon." The bishop will issue an update tomorrow, after he reviews plans by the Priest Taskforce he put in place to plan church re-openings. 

Outdoor, In-Car Mass on Sunday at 10:30 AM

(In the event of rain, private mass will be live streamed indoors. Communion will then be outdoors, in cars at 11:00 AM.

We have to move indoors because of the altar and electronic equipment, not because the pastor isn't waterproof!)